Latest Single Origin from Ethiopia, Sidama: Damo - Notes of Tropical Fruits & Milk Chocolate

Ethiopia - Damo - Notes of Tropical Fruits & Milk Chocolate

Ethiopia - Damo - Notes of Tropical Fruits & Milk Chocolate

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Founded on the slopes of the Shanta Golba mountain, at 1860-2160 MASL the Damo Station produced a show-stopping coffee for us. From the first time we cupped it, we knew we wanted to take this coffee home. Even Kenean (our host in Ethiopia) was impressed at the quality that the station produced.

While Bómbe is like a celebration, to us Damo is like a tropical vacation. The sweet yellow & orange tropical fruits it presents with its undeniably luscious creamy body, makes us think of a tres leches dessert with fresh tropical fruits inside, with a milk chocolate finish. 

We’ve particularly enjoyed Damo on a flat bottom dripper, as immersion, and equally on espresso for a creamy, tropical treat.

This coffee was used as the coffee for final round of the first National Egyptian Aeropress Competition hosted in October 2021.

Enjoy Damo as a subscription and never run out of excellent coffee. 

Cupping Notes:

Tropical Fruits, Milk Chocolate and Creamy Body


Origin: Ethiopia 

Region: Sidama

Vareital: 74158

Elevation: 1860-2160 MASL

Processing Method: Natural


Coffee is sold as whole bean in order to preserve its volatile aromatics (aroma). Our coffee goes through an extensive farming, picking, processing, roasting and evaluation process to ensure that it can be served in Cairo in the best form it can be. Ground to serve is the best way to enjoy your coffee!