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The Alchemist Box
The Alchemist Box
The Alchemist Box
The Alchemist Box
The Alchemist Box
The Alchemist Box

The Alchemist Box

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The Alchemist Box is a seasonal, limited edition release offering a unique experience to appreciate the details of exemplary coffee and an exceptional sensory experience. In this edition we present two outstanding coffees from award winning Colombian farmer Diego Samuel Bermudez of Finca El Paraiso.

The coffees are the same lot, harvest, and varietal but processed two different ways; with excellent results each time. Diego’s naturally processed coffee offers intense tropical fruits notes, accompanied with delicate floral notes and a sweet custard flavor all carried in a smooth body for a pronounced finish and lingering aftertaste.

The washed process coffee is intentionally fermented for 48 hours in sealed tanks at 18 degrees Celsius and after the cherries are de-pulped they are fermented a second time for 48 hours at 120 degrees Celsius.The results are an outstanding coffee bursting with intense tropical fruit notes, vibrant aromatics and a crème brulée flavor that you just can’t help but to smile as you sip.

Enjoy The Alchemist Box yourself, or gift it as the ultimate connoisseur's gift; either way we present it as a tribute of excellence to what Cairo can offer to the world.


Origin: Colombia
Farm: Finca El Paraiso
Altitude: 1920 MASL
Varietal: Castillo 
Washed Process Cup Notes: Crème Brulée, Ripe Guava and Complex Acidity
Natural Process Cup Notes: Intense Tropical Fruits, Sweet Custard and Syrupy Body


Behind The Cup

El Paraìso is a family operation. Diego Samuel and his family have worked together to create a range of high-quality coffees with unparalleled consistency. The farm team consists of 4 family members and 8 employees.

Diego was one of the first farmers in Colombia to start experimenting with fermentation by adding different types of microorganisms and yeasts. By now he has developed various recipes that are reproducible so he can craft his profiles on demand. This is possible thanks to a strict regimen of almost industrial style processing where maintaining a clean and controlled environment is the key.

Now, the business comprises the total of four farms: the three-hectare El Paraìso and the new farms Villa Rosita, Villa Esperanza, and Villa Alejandro, with seven, ten and three hectares of coffee area respectively, that add up to 25 hectares of coffee area. All of them work under the name El Paraìso.

We are honored to present the great work of Diego and his family here in Cairo.



- The Alchemist Box is only roasted-to-order in extremely limited roasts to ensure maximum freshness and enjoyment of the full spectrum of the coffee.

- Coffee is sold as whole bean in order to preserve its volatile aromatics (aroma). Our coffee goes through an extensive farming, picking, processing, roasting and evaluation process to ensure that it can be served in Cairo in the best form it can be. Ground to serve is the best way to enjoy your coffee!