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The Alchemist - Washed Colombia
The Alchemist - Washed Colombia

The Alchemist - Washed Colombia

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Finca El Paraiso is located in the municipality of Piendamo, Corrigimiento de Tunia, Vereda los Arados along the stretch of the Panamerican highway between Popayan and Cali. Its climate is humid with winds from the Pacific. Cherries mature slowly given El Paraiso’s elevation ; this slow maturation helps the concentration of sugars and considerably improves the cup. El Paraiso uses processing technology that focuses on developing the citric flavors of the coffee and is environmentally-friendly while also independent of climate factors, allowing for consistent quality. 

Producer Diego Samuel Bermudez Tapia is one of the partners in INDESTEC (Innovacion y Desarollo Tecnologico para el Agro; Innovation and Technological Development for Agriculture) and in Finca El Paraiso. He was born in Bolivar, Cauca and holds a title in Agricultural Business Administration. 12 years ago, coffee began as an adventure and became his way of life. 

Today, Diego is the director of INDESTEC, a family business dedicated to production, processing, and commercialization of specialty coffee. El Paraiso produces Natural coffee, and Washed coffees with three styles of controlled, anaerobic (sealed) fermentations.


Cupping Notes

Crème Brulée, Ripe Guava and Complex Acidity



Origin: Colombia

Farm: Finca El Paraiso

Altitude: 1920 MASL

Varietal: Castillo 



- The Alchemist is a competition micro-lot and is a challenge to the limits of what coffee can be.

- Coffee is sold as whole bean in order to preserve its volatile aromatics (aroma). Our coffee goes through an extensive farming, picking, processing, roasting and evaluation process to ensure that it can be served in Cairo in the best form it can be. Ground to serve is the best way to enjoy your coffee!